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Month: July 2015

Writing in a foreign language

Originally posted 10.4.2010

People have asked me how and why did I write Tulagi Hotel in English instead of Finnish, my native language. Some have even asked how could I do it. I think the answer is threefold; first, I have the Finnish comprehensive school’s language training, second, I studied at the University of Jyväskylä where the English department is very vibrant, and third, I have almost twenty-five years of translation experience.

Finland elected to invest in languages early on, since our own is not really a world language. When I was exposed to English in third grade, I had a very nice young lady as my teacher. Along with the other boys in class, I promptly fell for her, and decided to shine in English. I did my homework every time and sure enough, I had good marks. In upper comprehensive I was lucky to have a teacher who spotted the modicum of talent I have for languages, and he challenged me to develop outside the curriculum.

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A view on Writing Technical Stuff

Originally posted 31.3.2010

Tulagi Hotel is a novel of fiction. It has World War II as its background, and of all the different modes of warfare, it is set in the air arm of the US Marine Corps. This by default makes it necessary to have references to types of planes and guns and ships and whatnot, and there’s always the risk of alienating readers with technology.

To offset the war, there’s a modicum of romance, humor, pranks, relationships, and even hotel business. It has been a major goal of mine to balance the different features so as to create a coherent package with a wide appeal, from the aviation enthusiast to the reader who expects deft handling of relationships.

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The Inaugural Post

1st Ed. Tulagi Hotel Business Card

1st Ed. Tulagi Hotel Business Card

Originally posted 26.3.2010

A journey that took almost 14 years to the day is coming to an important milestone. On April 14, I will go to London to attend a press launch of my book, Tulagi Hotel. I began writing it in April 1996, without a clue of the amount of work that would go into it, or what would come out of it.

I say it’s a milestone as I would not want to see the journey end there. Getting it published by the small but vibrant publisher, Diiarts, is a dream come true, but the biggest wish I have is that the readership would embrace the book and pass the word.

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