Originally posted 10.4.2010

People have asked me how and why did I write Tulagi Hotel in English instead of Finnish, my native language. Some have even asked how could I do it. I think the answer is threefold; first, I have the Finnish comprehensive school’s language training, second, I studied at the University of Jyväskylä where the English department is very vibrant, and third, I have almost twenty-five years of translation experience.

Finland elected to invest in languages early on, since our own is not really a world language. When I was exposed to English in third grade, I had a very nice young lady as my teacher. Along with the other boys in class, I promptly fell for her, and decided to shine in English. I did my homework every time and sure enough, I had good marks. In upper comprehensive I was lucky to have a teacher who spotted the modicum of talent I have for languages, and he challenged me to develop outside the curriculum.

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