UK cover

UK cover

Tulagi Hotel is a historical fiction novel of 422 pages, first published by Dragon Independent International Arts on April 12, 2010, and reissued by Pfoxmoor Publishing in June 2011. The latest edition is by Fingerpress in England, published in September 2012.

World War II has given Jack McGuire the chance to escape the confines of the Midwest and the family farm. An ace U.S. Marine fighter pilot, he risks his life each day with his squadron in the South Pacific theatre. For him, there’s calm and camaraderie up there in the cockpit. But when the war ends, Jack struggles to find his place in civilian society.

Turning his back on his home, family and inheritance, he returns to the Solomon Islands. Here he builds a hotel on the same island paradise he flew over in his years of combat, and settles down to a relaxed lifestyle in the sun.

But when Kay Wheeler, the widow of his wartime best friend and wingman, comes to visit the island, Jack’s orderly world is disrupted. He is forced to consider whether there’s room enough for two in his reinvented life.

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